Backyard Paradise!

Enhance the beauty of your home with Trex composite decking and railing! This high quality decking material has numerous benefits and will last for ages to come!

Composite decking is here today for a couple of main reasons. The two biggest nuisances of a natural wood deck are continual maintenance and wear and tear. Cedar, redwood and some exotic hardwoods are absolutely gorgeous. You can see that Mother Nature spent a little extra time to make these woods visually appealing. That’s why they end up in a lot of backyards in outdoor entertainment centers and decks.

The problem is that eventually, those two downsides we just talked about (wear and tear and ongoing maintenance) take a toll on any wooden deck and the homeowner that has to care for it.

Pressure-treated yellow pine is a natural wood decking choice for a lot of people. You absolutely can’t beat its affordability upfront, but it can be susceptible to rotting and splitting, cracking, splintering and warping as time passes by. Wood can get infested with boring insects and termites, and you have to rework the deck every couple of years by pressure-washing and staining it.

As an alternative to high-maintenance wooden decking materials, composites arrived on the scene in the late 1980s. It wasn’t until the 1990s that composite decking became widely popular. That’s when companies like Trex and other composite manufacturers began to claim a substantial share of the deck building materials market.