Custom Wood Decks

custom wood decks houston

Custom wood decks with lifetime pressure treated pine is used for the vast majority of all decks installed in the greater Houston area. Many people might prefer redwood or cedar, but using treated pine, they can have the same benefits or more and is more cost effective than the others.

All wood decks have a naturally attractive appearance and are also beautifully stained. They are a home improvement that adds beauty and value to your home. We will offer ideas and give advice and tips on maintaining your deck to make it last for years to come.

Custom Decks, Inc. offers high-quality custom decking and will help in designing the perfect outdoor living area. We specialize in one level or multi-level custom wood decks as well as adding bench seating, stairs, rails, and lighting. Because wood is so versatile, we can create decks in any shape, size or color to fit any design and budget.

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