Deck Staining

Custom Deck & Pergola provides deck staining to restore and improve beauty on decks, railings, shade arbors and pergolas.

We can stain your existing deck structures or new structures.

Over time, wood decks and other wood structures can show the effects of weather and age.

One way to maintain the beauty of the wood is by staining and sealing.

Our deck staining and restoration services will ensure your structure will maintain its beauty for years to come!

If your deck is not stained immediately after installation, cosmetic failure will result and the deck will lose it’s beauty.

Deck staining one year later will help keep your deck protected.

We stained this deck new, however, because it was a fresh installation, the material was wet and the pores weren’t quite open all the way.

In this video, we are using a high quality oil-based stain to give it the best look and protection.

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