Trex: Quick Facts

Trex stays beautiful for years

You have a few decisions to make if you are thinking about building an outdoor deck. Maybe you just want something small and simple. The great thing about decks is you can always add on to them. You can start off basic now and make it larger in the future. Once you settle on size and shape, you have to decide whether you are going to need stairs, deck railing, balusters, outdoor lighting and other popular features.

Unlike the not so distant past, you have a lot of choices regarding decking material as well. It used to be that you simply had to choose which type of wood you wanted your deck builder to use and you were off and running. Now decking comes in hardwoods, pressure-treated lumber, PVC, plastic, composite decking materials and even aluminum.

For a lot of reasons, Trex composite decking material has become very popular. It offers a lot of advantages over other types of decking. This Trex fact sheet serves as a quick reference where you can learn all you need to know about one of the most durable, versatile and cost-effective decking materials in use today.

Trex Facts

  • Trex decking is 95% recycled material. This includes reclaimed sawdust and wood as well as recycled plastic. When you buy Trex decking, you help keep plastic out of landfills and you cut back on lumber waste
  • The Trex company saves approximately 500 million pounds of wood and plastic from making its way to landfills every year.
  • The standard 500 square foot Trex deck contains more than 140,000 recycled plastic bags. Purchase Trex decking and you support an eco-friendly company.
  • Trex decking is a combination of plastic and wood. The special Trex recipe means your deck won’t splinter, crack, rot or split like lumber.
  • Termites are not too fond of eating plastic. That means your Trex deck is termite-proof and insect-proof, and if a hungry woodpecker decides to take a taste, he will find it unappetizing and durable as well.
  • Speaking of durability, the Trex Fade and Stain Warranty guarantees that after 25 years your deck will still look great and perform like it’s brand-new. You get the natural beauty that wood offers without losing that beauty over time.
  • Do you like to spend your weekends working on your deck or relaxing on it? Trex decking does not need annual staining, sanding, sealing or painting.
  • There are 23 different colors to choose from. Popular colors include Island Mist, Tiki Torch and Spiced Rum.
  • Did we mention that your Trex deck is splinter-free? No splinters means a safer and more enjoyable outdoor experience.
  • Cleanup is a snap. You can keep your deck looking great with a simple and occasional soap and water cleaning.
  • Your initial cost is going to be higher than some other decking material choices. However, Trex decking is more cost-efficient over time than many other choices. You can expect it to pay for itself in 10 years when you factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance with a traditional wood deck.
  • Trex decking is easy to work with. That means your deck installer spends less time in your backyard building your custom outdoor experience.


Trex decking costs more upfront than some other decking materials, but saves you money over time. It’s guaranteed to look great after 25 years, you don’t have the annual costs (and backaches) of maintaining a traditional wood deck, and you help the environment when you choose Trex decking materials. Trex decks also look great. With 23 colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect complement for your home.