What is the best type of wood decking in Houston?

best wood decking houston

The best type of wood decking in Houston is a life-time pressure treated pine deck and it remains the #1 choice for outdoor living areas. One of the benefits of pressure treated pine wood is that its less expensive compared to other high quality wood decking and guarantees to give a promising performance for many years. Another benefit is that it is treated under pressure with preservatives that helps keep the wood from getting infected with bugs or fungus.

Life-time treated pine decks are stronger and more durable than plastic or composite decking and count for the vast majority of installed wood decking in Houston areas. It has a naturally attractive appearance and is also beautiful stained.

At Custom Decks, Inc., we combine your ideas with our knowledge and experience to build the most exciting and impressive treated pine decks with the structure you desire. We will take the time to help you custom design your project to fill your space, needs and budget. Custom Decks, Inc. projects include lifetime treated wood decking, shade arbors, and deck and spa combinations with Sunbelt Spas.

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